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The Hungary Ring

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Countries > Hungary
The Hungary Ring welcomes all pages dealing with things Hungarian, whether they are in Magyar, English or other languages


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   Hungarian History & Weapons Preview Go
Manowar's Hungarian History & Weapons

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   McComb Kereszturi Hungary Page Preview Go
History and Genealogy of Hungary and Maramoros, Visk, Hungary now Vyshkovo Ukraine, Scotland, and Ireland. Also the history of the Visk Hungarian Reformed Church which dates back to 1200 A.D. when King Istvan had it built. This site also has many pictures.
   Hungarotips - Hungary with Pictures and Sounds. Genealo Preview Go
Hungary and Hungarian culture with pictures. Language lessons with self-tests and games. Family research, quick translator. Puzzles and quizes about Hungary. Hungarian books and CD-s.

   The Ancient Identity of Hungarians Preview Go
A Magyarok őstörténete (magyar változat). The Hungarians and the ancient peoples with which they are related through history, culture and myth. An unconventional research about origins.
   The Huns Preview Go
The Huns and the Magyars, their origins and heritage. Khazars, Onogurs, Alans, their role in the composition of the Hungarian nation. The Sumerian heritage of Hungarians. (site in English)
   Hungarian Activities in Chicago Illinois Preview Go
a directory of hungarian activities in the greater chicago area

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