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Florida Connection - From Key West to the Georgia and Alabama borders, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, from the skyscrapers an

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Florida Connection

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This ring is for people with websites that are located in the sunny state of Florida.

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2012 Low Number of Tornadoes - 01/02/2013

The start of 2012 could not have been any busier for the numbers of tornadoes that were reported. So why couldn't the rest of the season keep up? Lack of shear and the drought are just 2 of the clues why the 2012 tornado season was so mundane. Tornadoes cannot exist without the clouds and moisture to help build them. (Picture from this summer in the  Midwest) The jet stream during the most of the summer and fall took the storm systems well to north and west away from any available moisture. Similar patterns existed during the late 1970s and 1980s. The weather patterns helped create a preliminary count of only 1,116 tornadoes. Many of the storm systems in late half of 2012 affected Canada thanks to a ridge of high pressure.  This year's 1,116 tornadoes is well below the 6-year-average tornado count. The yearly tornado average is right around 1,530. During 2008, the tornado count hit 2,194- a record. And even though two tro...

2012 Low Number of Tornadoes

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